Oracall takes its responsibility to the environment extremely seriously so if you are looking for products with green or environmental credentials, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.


The branded products and promotions industry is constantly expanding its eco-friendly efforts — and people are responding extremely positively. There is a shift in consumer behaviour towards basing their view of a brand on its green credentials and buying more environmentally friendly products.

What’s great about this shift is, first and foremost, it benefits our planet. In its broadest sense, sustainability means that a product has been made in a way that minimises its environmental impact — it may have been made using recyclable materials or be biodegradable.

Green and environmental alternatives

Nowadays brands prefer recycled, upcycled, biodegradable and the most ethical solutions possible and we are here to help you find the exact product that suits your brand requirements.

Key Terms

Reusable – Products that can be used repeatedly
Bamboo – Readily available, fast growing, bidegradable and renewable resource
Bidegradable – Ability to break down naturally and disappear into the environment
Bioplastics – Obtained from renewable sources – wheat,corn, potatato etc. no long term impact on the planet
Recycled – Process of converting waste materials into new objects. Reduces waste and use of new war materials
rPET – made by recycling plastics that have been used before

We’re living in an exciting time where new, innovative eco-solutions are constantly being developed. As such, we now use words like recycled, reusable, renewable, and biodegradable pretty much every day; we know what the sign for recyclable looks like and that Fairtrade products ensure that the people involved in making them are treated and paid fairly.


We’ve also got new materials to embrace. For example, not all plastic is bad! There’s rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), which is created from plastic bottles and containers that have already been used. There are also bioplastics, obtained from renewable sources like wheat, corn, and potatoes. And some plastics are now labelled BPA-free (BPA being a harmful chemical used in some plastic production in the late 20th century).

Many products that have typically been made from plastic can now be made from bamboo, meaning they not only come from a 100% renewable source, they’re also fully biodegradable. There’s a brilliant material called jute too, a strong vegetable fibre that’s CO2 neutral and also totally biodegradable.

For us at Oracallworld, the environment, social enterprise, and Corporate Social Responsibility are all inextricably linked and will continue to be at the heart of our business.

With more and more companies embedding sustainability into their practices and with consumers worldwide becoming increasingly interested when it comes to where products come from (and where they’re going after they’ve been used), continued innovation is as inevitable as it is necessary. Our expert procurement team is always searching the globe for the best sustainable alternatives to give to you.

We pledge to help your brand to endorse the same sustainability values when presenting your clients and potential customers with great promotional merchandise that has the added value of a positive story to tell.



Oracallworld strives to be a good corporate citizen, through its managers and through its employees. We are committed to promoting protection of the environment; supporting charities and local communities; promoting equal opportunities; ensuring safe and efficient working practices; and working with suppliers who uphold similar values.

This Policy statement lays out the commitments Oracallworld has made to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and towards operating in a socially responsible manner. We believe that we should lead by example, this means acting in a way that is ethically correct.

Local Communities

Oracallworld aims to make the communities in which we work better places to live and do business and we are sensitive to the local community’s cultural, social and economic needs. We endeavor to protect and preserve the environment and support causes within our local communities.

Charity Fund Raising

Oracallworld and staff members aim to support various Charities through internal & personal fundraising activities. We support staff, clients and customers who partake in charitable events.


We aim to source all of our stationery and products from companies who operate their own sustainability policies.


Oracallworld seeks to be honest and fair in our relationships with its customers. Provides the standards of product and service that have been agreed and takes all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and quality of products or services that it produces.



Oracallworld seeks to be honest and fair in our relationships with suppliers and subcontractors and pays suppliers and manufactures in accordance with agreed terms. We have a policy not to offer, pay or accept bribes or substantial favors and encourage suppliers and subcontractors to abide by the same standards and principles.

The products we sell are sourced from suppliers and manufactures who operate in a responsible and ethical fashion and abide by national regulatory requirement norms in each of our markets. These very norms allow our sourcing experts to identify any issues early in the development phase that might not comply with the aforementioned norms and hinder our sustainable protocol.

Our suppliers ensure that product compliancy is monitored throughout the entire production life cycle. We work hard to meet our customers’ high expectations and ensure to ensure transparency requirements within our markets.

We insist that up-to-date regulations are made readily available to us and our customers during the production life cycle therefore ensuring products are compliant down to the very last detail.

Our suppliers also subject all products to compliancy reviews prior to and after launch at both their testing facilities and at third party testing labs.

We are always happy to supply individual sustainability statements from our suppliers and certificates from their own 3rd party manufactures should you require them.